Prison Work Stoppage to End Prison Slavery

"This is a call for a nation-wide prisoner work stoppage to end prison slavery, starting on September 9th, 2016. They cannot run these facilities without us." 


Fight for Lifers West is supporting a nationwide strike against prison labor[1].  Pennsylvania has one of the highest amounts of JLWOP in America[2]. These juveniles have jobs in these facilities which pay less than $1 an hour. In one instance, a judge was sending an alarming amount of kids off to prison with long sentences for crimes as simple as stealing. It was found that he was sending the juveniles to prison so that a local business could use them for cheap manufacturing labor[3].

Large businesses are exploiting communities of people, making money off of the overly harsh punishment of others, and profiting off of mass incarceration. Prison jobs provide little to none of the outside world experience that incarcerated individuals needs to escape recidivism. They cost workers and unions decent jobs. They do not insure provision for those inside who are working; individuals in State County Prisons sometimes can barely afford to buy basic amenities on their wages. This is an affront to Humanity and the 13th Amendment, it is modern day American Slavery.

Which is why on Sept. 9th there will be a press conference to engage the public on this issue and a rally against the companies who profit off of prison labor. More info to come. 



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